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Great Lakes Inflatables

Advertising Balloons

Bunny Rabbit Advertising Balloon Holding Flower

The inflatable Bunny Rabbit Giant Advertising Balloon is an incredible marketing tool to help you promote your next holiday sale, event, or special gathering. Our Jumbo Bunny Rabbit inflatable balloon can be seen from miles away and can be customized to be holding a carrot or dressed to the nines in a dapper tuxedo, for a more formal event. Contact us today about the inflatable Jumbo Advertising Bunny Rabbit Balloon and its availability.

Our Huge Bunny Rabbit Advertising Balloon can also be used for special occasions, or birthday parties. The Bunny Rabbit Balloon has also become a real crowd favorite for a fun Church, or neighborhood Easter event.

Our inflatable Bunny Rabbit stands 12′ tall.

All balloons include, at no charge, balloon blower and four adjustable straps.

Bunny Rabbit Advertising Balloon with Flower

  • Cost to buy Used: $1,200
  • Sorry, this item is not available for rent